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Credit Risk 360

Loans are the largest and most obvious source of credit risk; however, other sources of credit risk exist throughout the activities of a bank, including in the banking book and in the trading book, and both on and off the balance sheet. Banks are increasingly facing credit risk (or counter-party risk) in various financial instruments other than loans, including acceptances, interbank transactions, trade financing, foreign exchange transactions, financial futures, swaps, bonds, equities, options, and in the extension of commitments and guarantees, and the settlement of transactions.

FinTrak Credit Risk 360 was designed to help banks meet the need to identify, measure, monitor and control credit risk as well as to determine that they hold adequate capital against these risks and that they are adequately compensated for risks incurred. 

The Credit Risk 360 solution is Web based and can be easily accessed from all branches of the bank without separate installations on branch by branch basis

Credit Risk 360 Fully Captures:

* Loan Origination
* Credit Documentation – (CAM, CAF etc)
* Credit Appraisal – Financial Analysis
* Credit Appraisal – Risk Rating
* Loan Approval – Bank Officers, Credit Committee, Board      Committee
* Mobile Loan Approval (To enable online approval by Top    Executives on the go and Non Executive Directors)
* Disbursement Execution
* Corporate Bulk Loan Breaking
* Loan Restructuring
* Loan Walk Out
* Loan Impairment (IFRS Compliant) – Optional
* Credit Reporting

Our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing
investment to help you mitigate against waste and loss.

Our team will provide all the support needed to make your
experience pleasantly unforgettable.


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