Pi 360

Enterprise Performance Insight

FinTrak Enterprise Performance Insight (PI- 360®) is a data enrichment and management solution with an embedded business intelligence and analytic platform. It’s a blend of the Enterprise Management Performance Reporting, Regulatory Reporting, Balance Scorecard and Data Quality Management Solution

Organizations are constantly being besieged by ever changing regulatory demands and compelling situations, which require them to make quick strategic and tactical decisions. By implementing the new FinTrak PI-360, a robust BI solution, the organization gains deeper level of insight, flexibility and scalability to grow and change the Bank. The solution will empower users with the right information to make critical business decision and inherently deliver business value (Revenue and profitability, customer retention and acquisition, operational efficiency), resource productivity, and IT effectiveness. 

Performance Insight (PI360) v1.0.1016 is a web-based Enterprise Performance Management Suite, modularized into various Financial Management Modules. The new FinTrak PI – 360 will not just enable users manage performance, it will improve it! The solution is designed to empower users with varying needs for information across enterprise.  

Strategic units can now generate related profiled reports perform avalanche of analytics leveraging on the single source of data. 

Being an integrated FinTrak ERP platform that primarily focuses on the numeric information that can be extracted, it also processes the capacity to integrate with third party Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) and data warehouses, FinTrak eliminates the usual problem of independent systems unable to cooperate with one another and exchange data.  

By implementing FinTrak PI360, interoperability of systems is built for exchange information between systems and consumed by multiple users and business units from a single source.

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